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Agitate Left

Agitate Left aims to provide libertarian socialists with the tools to raise class consciousness and direct that energy into productive action.

This wiki is split into the following subsections:

  • Theory: A body of libertarian socialist theory intended to be brief and accessible. Look through this section to give yourself a grounding in the ideas underlying libertarian socialism. The goal of this section is not to provide convincing arguments to non-radicals, but rather, to fill in any gaps and correct misconceptions held by existing libsocs.
  • Communication: General information about engaging productively both online and in person.
  • Demographics: Information and arguments intended to help sway particular groups of people based on their political ideology, political affiliation, career, etc...
  • Tactics: Techniques for directing energy towards affecting change.
  • Tools: Software, communities, legal aide, etc... useful for raising consciousness or creating change.

Currently Agitate Left is very incomplete and needs more contributors, so don't be shy. :)